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Thursday, 16 July 2015

Sports News In Bangladesh How To Win World Cup Easily


FIFA world cup was made by gold of 18 corrector. Fifa president sef blatter organized a wonderful
tournament by passing every 4 years. The world best football teams qualify in this events.
It is so expensive and large tournament. Play sedulous is more then longer.

Every team much  need to play more much in round stage. Then some trams qualify in quarterfinal stage. This stage every teams played just one game winner qualify in semi final. Top two teams qualified in fifa  world cup final. Finalist win the gold trophy of 18 corrector. They do not win just a trophy because  they win the respect in all nation. All nation respected them and support them in all matter. Brazil argentina  germany italy france etc is the most powerful football team in earth.

Brazil win fifa world cup in five time. argentina two times win the trophy. germany four times.
italy two times. france once time. It was the list of fifa world cup champion. Germany was the 2014 fifa world cup champion. They win against all nation. They are the world champion. In bangladeshi
football can not developed like them. But bangladesh try hard to improved themselves like all
development nation. But bangladeshi people like to see world cup match.

Our peoples watch every match and support their favorite team. but all of them support brazil or argentina.So at last i can say easily fifa world cup make some popularity in all nation  in the earth like bangladesh.

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