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Thursday, 16 July 2015

Kabaddy Kabaddy Kabaddy Don't Say Just Start Play

Image of Bangladeshi Kaabaddy

My dear friend today i intruduced all of you a new interesting game in bangladesh. It is kaabaddy.
Kabaddy was the main game of bangladesh in past. But in present time football cricket take this place more then strongly. It is the main game in bangladesh. This game was start from our country first.
Next time it took popularity on the other nation. Now i want to say all of my friend how to play it.

It will help all of you for playing kaabaddy in right way. So lets start my lecture.
At first must need two team for play as a group system. Every team have a leader who give the
right destruction for play properly and win this game. First one player came from one team and try to touch another team player. If touch properly and should back home safely then he or she collect some points. The points is only make winner. When one player come to touch other team player then they try to restrict him or her. If they restrict safely then they would collect same points.

So i hope all of you understand better right now and play this game for enjoy. Our national kaabaddy team almost win every a lot of national and international awarded. For example suff championship asian championship and world best kababaddy league. Kaabaddy is also play in our village. Villager played kaabaddy for local entertainment.  

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