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Best Play

Thursday, 6 August 2015

How Was The World Cup 2015 For Bangladesh Part-2

Bangladesh Vs England

After starting this match two Bangladesh have one chance for qualified in quarterfinal. Lets start introduced some memorable moment in this match.
Bangladesh Batting 
  Bangladesh won the toss and chose to bat on field first. They try very hard but not get big total at first. They collect 260 runs. And start making plan for restrict opponent as this score.
Musfiq And Mahmudullah
It was the best partnership in this match. This partnership help to make collected this challenging total. Now its time to sow some glorious moment.
Tamim is opener of Bangladesh cricket team. Every one hope he sow his stroke as a professional player. But very sad news hi was failed.
Sad Moment For England Team 
Starting break throw. First break throw come late. But then Bangladesh start taking wicket regularly.
Once time jose butler come on the field and then match picture was changed. But match was not end for Bangladesh.
Break throw come again and butler out then match turned into Bangladesh.
Won The Match 
  End of this match celebration was start. Bangladesh beet England By 15 runs and get ticket for quarterfinal. 

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