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Best Play

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Popularity About Brazil vs Argentina In Bangladesh

Brazil vs Argentina

Brazil is the most powerful football played nation. All of the world called  them the king of football .
They are the super power of football. Argentina is also most energetic team in the world. They played defensive football. Both of two team stands on latten america in est zone of earth. But when both two powerful jaunt fight to each other for win it will make a big digest er in banladesh.

                                       Bangladeshi people like to see some powerful action 
                                            I want to say some thing with this mansion.
                                            I the field player face some painful tension.
                                           When they play badly can't get any pension.
                                                               Naymer is the best 
                                                                 Give some test 
                                                                  High is so toll
                                                                Want some goal
                                                               Played for nation
                                                                Have no tension 
                                                                 Win his target 
                                                                 Lost he forget

As a result Brazil win a lot of international match against all nation of the world.
Messi is also another vital player for argentina . He deserved fifa best player a lot of time .
In bangladeshi people loved to watch Brazil vs Argentina match at any cost. Those
two team is favorite in bangladesh.

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